2018 = 12 Months of Magnificence!

2018 Dates and Themes for Dr Sketchy’s York:

January 12th: January Joie de Vivre, with Isabelle Epoque

Web Res Isabelle Epoque Follies StereovisionWhether tearing up the town or tearing out still-beating hearts, Isabelle Epoque has thrilled audiences with her feminist wiles and seduced them with invocations of the senses. If you can’t tell whether it’s your heart or head that’s aflame, you might be under the spell of Isabelle Epoque!

Let Isabelle Époque lead you into a world of painted silk, scorching glamour, and shockingly bare flesh.

The character of Isabelle hearkens to an American in Paris at the time of the 1900 Exposition Universelle. In the daytime, Isabelle works for the cause of the Suffragettes: debating and persuading her admirers to Give Women Votes and the rights of full citizenship. The Hausmann city plan has transformed the Medieval city into orderly beauty and optimism. The Metro transports people under the city at unthinkable speeds. The Eiffel Tower’s eleven year tenure has altered the skyline and become synonymous with Paris itself. The City of lights is now a modern dynamo of culture, progress, and innovation. Electricity! Technology! Egalitie! Fraternitie! For All!
Tickets: $15, 18 and over



bethbitts photography

February 9th: Pole Dance Love Song, with MiloSolo

An accordion-powered testament to the overwhelming gravity of a gifted pole dancer.

A cosmiccordion songman of rhapsody and lamentation, MiloSolo weaves folk, punk and eastern Europe into volcanic song forms with shouts of moxy, soaring vocals and disarming theatricality. Channeling artists like Tori Amos, Danny Elfman, Andy Kaufman and Colin Meloy, Milo delivers a message of fun, reverence and revelation.

March 9th: 9-to-5  
April 13th: Peek-a-boo Persephone
May 11th: Beltane Burlesque
July 13th: Fire Works
August 10th: We Can Be Heroes
September 7th: Harry Potter Hullabaloo


Bella Le Blanc by Stereovision Photography

October 12th: Sassy Samhain with Bella La Blanc, “The Villainess Of Burlesque”

This award winning, touring performer discovered her love of theatre at a very young age. She hasn’t stopped since.

Her accolades include performing in The Southern Exposure Pageant (NC) and won best group 2012 with Kubrilesque. In 2015 attended and graduated from Coney Island USA’s Sideshow School. Won Best Singer at the 2014 (DC) and 2016 (VA) Burlypicks, Also silver medalist at the 2016 (DC) Burlypicks. She is the 2016 “Evil Princess” at The Evil Queen Of Burlesque Pageant (TX) Was  voted Best Burlesque Dancer for Best Of Gay DC 2016 by The Washington Blade. In 2017 Burlesque Legend Gabriella Maze crowned her Evil Queen of The Golden Legends Champion Challenge.

She is the executive Director for The Golden Legends Champion Challenge. For more info go to www.goldenlegends.org She originally hails from Miami, Florida, but currently calls the state of Maryland home. You can catch her on stage in York, PA on October 12th, 2018!!


November 9th: Kindred and Spirits
December 7th: Blue Xmas

Join us every 2nd Friday at Parliament Arts (116 E King St York PA) at for an enchanting art party featuring brilliant burlesque and cabaret performers in an atmosphere of cheeky, creative camaraderie!


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