Wait, what’s happening?

Cheeky shenanigans! Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school is where burlesque meets life drawing — it’s the world’s premier alternative drawing movement, founded in 2005 by a 22 year old art school dropout in a dive bar in Brooklyn. Artists draw glamorous underground performers in an atmosphere of cheeky conviviality.

Molly Crabapple — artist, model, and super-genius — envisioned an inclusive arts event that put the “life” back in “life drawing.” With fair pay and excellent treatment of the models, and a delightful atmosphere for all, it’s no surprise that Dr. Sketchy’s spread quickly around the globe, with branches in over 100 cities worldwide — now including our own beloved York, PA!

So scoop up your sketching materials and join us to draw enchanting models! No instructors looming over your shoulder here! Instead, you can win drinks and prizes in zany contests, like nearby Baltimore branch’s “Best Incorporation of a Woodland Animal” prize. Zero drawing experience is required to join in — you just need to be 18 or older.

How is this different from a regular life drawing class?

It’s way more fun. There are no instructors tsk-ing at your technique or lack thereof. Instead of bored, not-so-interesting models there are glamorous performers, from burlesque performers to bellydancers to derby girls to fire performers and more. Yeah, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

Who goes to Dr. Sketchy’s?

Lots of people. Fancy pants gallery artists, art students, dog walkers, jewelry designers, tattoo artists, illustrators and cubicle slaves. We have about 40% non-professional artists. Slightly more girls attend than boys.

Do I have to be an artist to attend Dr. Sketchy’s?

Oh, HELL no! Lots of people who have never drawn before attend Dr. Sketchy’s. We’re a fun, non-judgmental environment to try your hand at drawing.

Do serious artists go to Dr. Sketchy’s?

Yes, including world famous ones like Ron English, Alasdair Grey and Audrey Kawasaki. While we are accepting of non-artists, there’s no reason you can’t go to Dr. Sketchy’s to seriously get your draw on.

So, like… are the models naked and stuff?

Nope! There’s a lot of pasties, and sometimes there’s a whoooole lotta skin showing, but nobody’s naked.

Hey, why isn’t the model naked?! I thought this was a drawing class?

Many cities have laws against combining booze and naked bosoms. Besides, our models show more than enough pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi.

What mediums can I use?

Any dry, non-messy, non-stinky medium is A-OK. Paints and other strong-smelling or messy mediums are not. Please don’t make a mess. Everything you spill or smudge we have to stay after and clean up or repair.

I’m a photographer, can I shoot pictures of your hottie models?

Maybe. Nobody wants their sessions to devolve into fifty creepy dudes shooting cell phone photos. Unauthorized flash photography will definitely get you booted without a refund.

The York branch is looking for our own official photographers, though, so if you’ve got great glass and know what you’re doing, do get in touch and ask. (But don’t be disappointed if there’s an interview process or if there’s paper-signing and/or extra compensation for the model involved.)

If you’re a member of the press, you can arrange ahead of time to take (non-flash) photography. We need at least 24 hours notice so that we can give the model the heads-up.


How many models will there be at each session?

Generally one model per event, with occasional exceptions.

Are there ever male models?

Ideally, yes. There tend to be more female models available than male, but talented models across the entire gender spectrum are welcome at Dr. Sketchy’s.

Can I be a model?

Possibly! Modeling is hard, often expensive, frequently intense work, and modeling for Dr. Sketchy’s involves elaborate costuming, makeup, often props, and a great attitude. If you’ve modeled before and already knew all that, please reach out — we’d love to talk with you.

What was that super awesome song that was playing?

Here’s links to the monthly Spotify playlists. These don’t include the songs the performers bring for their acts, but if you super-dig something you heard and can’t find it here, give us a holler and we’ll try to point you in the right direction. And of course if it was performed live (like February 2018) you can probably find it on the artist’s youtube/etc.

November 2017 with Valeria Voxx

December 2017 with Quorra Vahn Tassles


Can I cause a ruckus, disrupt the event, or be creepy to models, patrons, hosts or emcees?

Not for very long, and NOT with a refund.

I really love Dr. Sketchy’s. Can I be an art minion??

Yes! Mozy over to our volunteer section and let us know your interests. We can ALWAYS use help setting up tables and chairs, because our York venue is in a gallery, not a bar.

Dr. Sketchy’s sounds amazing! My brand, business, or organization would totally love to sponsor an event!

Rock on! You’re right — it is amazing, and a great sponsorship opportunity! We’re looking for sponsors for several spring and summer events, and we love to collaborate so reach out and let’s talk. We are especially interested in cool-ass prizes for attendees, treats for models, promotional boosts — and actual moolah to make stuff happen.